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Agri-tech market in Turkey

Executive summary

Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries in terms of agricultural production. The share of agriculture in total trade in Turkey is around 10%. Considering the agricultural gross domestic product (GDP) ratios of Turkey, it is in the top 10 in the world. Turkey's revenue from agriculture is 51.7 billion dollars, and the share of agriculture in total production is 6.08%.

In addition, Turkey has approximately 20 million hectares of cultivated land, in other words, 25% of the territory is suited for agricultural activities. Around 60% of these fields are used for grain production; 20 % are cultivated for fruits & vegetables and the remaining 20% is reserved for forage plants and oleaginous seeds.

Considering the needs of Canadian companies, we focused on 5 agri-tech sub-sectors in Turkey which are:

We provided project examples of these sub-sector that are already actively used in Turkey. We provided key companies, key industry associations, conferences and trade shows in the agri-tech ecosystem in Turkey. Moreover, we analyzed opportunities, gaps and challenges in the sector.

Current and planned Agri-tech projects in Turkey

A project idea for the preparation of the National E-Agriculture Strategy was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey and was initiated to conclude on 9 June 2020 in cooperation with the Food and agriculture Organization (FAO).

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has allocated a resource of $900 million TL and plans to double this support in the coming period. For example:

Other than these governmental projects, private entrepreneurs’ projects are widely active in Turkey. For example:

Opportunities, gaps and challenges in Agri-tech sector in Turkey

Based on our research, the most promising agri-tech sub-sectors in Turkey are high-tech farming equipment, protective agricultural technologies and data driven agricultural production methodologies. As a result, we observed that data collection-based solutions providing companies have the potential to grow in the market in Turkey.

Still, there are certain gaps and challenges in the Turkish agri-tech sector. These mainly are:

Conclusions and recommendations

In spite of the challenges, it is obvious that the agri-tech sector in Turkey is growing, posing opportunities for technological companies offering innovative solutions and addressing the gaps in the market. Specifically, areas like high-tech farming equipment, protective agricultural technologies and data driven agricultural production technologies are gaining importance.

Turkish agricultural companies are open to innovation and are interested in original and advanced agricultural technologies. As such, overseas companies providing these technologies can definitely benefit from the existing opportunities in the Turkish agri-tech market. These companies include:

No doubt, Turkey has a vast agricultural potential. In order to realize this potential and grow the market, the use of innovative agri-tech solutions is imperative. Companies offering these solutions will definitely gain a competitive edge in the sector and benefit in the long-run.

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