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Contact our team - San Diego

Street Address:

Canadian Trade Office San Diego
402 W. Broadway, 4th Floor
San Diego, CA
United States of America
Tel: (619) 615-4286
Fax: (619) 615-4287
Office Hours: Mon-Friday: 0830-1630, by appointment only, no immigration or passport services (E.S.T.: -3)

Territories/Responsibilities: Southern California, Nevada, Arizona

Office Closure: 2020-01-01, 2020-02-17, 2020-04-10, 2020-05-25, 2020-07-01, 2020-07-03, 2020-09-07, 2020-10-12, 2020-11-26, 2020-12-28

Ms. Karen Sleiman
Consul and Trade Commissioner
Defence and security

Ms. Cheryl Rogers
Trade Commissioner
Life sciences

Mr. Mario Diez
Trade Commissioner
Information and communications technologies, Ocean technologies

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