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Privacy and disclosure of information

We understand the sensitivity of your business information and hold it in the strictest possible confidence.

Our commitment to you

Client confidentiality is a key part of the core values of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS). It is part of our employees’ commitment to integrity and professionalism. We collect and use relevant information in order to better serve you or to refer you to an appropriate resource.

If an access to information request is received by Global Affairs Canada, and if records recovered relate to your business activities, we will abide by section 20 of Canada's Access to Information Act and will seek your input in the processing of the records. For details on how we treat your company’s information, please refer to:

Your commitment to us

It is imperative that companies we support do business responsibly, ethically and within the law. If we receive information regarding the commission or possible commission of offences under Canadian law, this may be disclosed to law enforcement or other authorities.

For certain types of services for which the reputation of the Government of Canada may be affected, the TCS requires a signed Integrity Declaration. This attests that your company understands our ethical expectations, has not been charged, convicted or sanctioned for bribery or corruption, and will not engage in such illegal activities. By signing the Integrity Declaration, your company will abide by Canada's Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA) and will operate in a manner consistent with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on responsible business conduct. If a company has had issues with bribery or corruption previously, it must disclose this information in the Integrity Declaration. We will then assess and determine the level of support we can provide to your company. For information about the Integrity Declaration, please contact a trade commissioner.

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