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COVID-19 and Canada’s international trade


We are seeking Canadian manufacturers that can help us meet the need for medical supplies and address the challenge of COVID-19.

Canada is committed to supporting Canadian businesses and the free flow of goods and services across our international borders.

Financial support and services for businesses operating globally

Responsible Business Conduct

It has never been more important for Canadian businesses to make decisions with Responsible Business Conduct abroad in mind. The challenges caused by COVID-19 and the global economic shock go beyond daily operations and financial survival. Companies should also manage economic, health, safety and human rights risks. This is for the wellbeing of workers and customers, and for the communities and environments in which companies operate.

Keeping supply and trade links open

Canada and its international partners are committed to supporting global trade and investment during this global health crisis. Canada is also working closely with its international partners to ensure that the measures we take in response to the COVID-19 pandemic do not impose unjustified or harmful burdens on workers, businesses, and our global economies.

Canada and Asia-Pacific cooperation

Canada and G20 cooperation

Canada and WTO cooperation

Canada and international cooperation

Additional resources for businesses operating internationally

In today's interconnected global business climate, COVID-19 is affecting the way Canadian companies operate. Efforts to control and mitigate the spread of the virus include temporary restrictions on travel and at borders. These efforts could have further implications on international business development activities.

International business travel and advisories

Customs and borders

Agriculture and agri-food industry

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