Let's talk trade! More answers to commonly asked questions

In this edition of CanadExport, we pick up where we left off in our last issue with Part 2 of our list of some of top questions received by the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), including some commonly asked questions about the process of selling abroad.

How can I learn about trade events to help my business expand internationally?

We recommend consulting the TCS's trade missions and events webpage. It contains a sortable list of conferences, webinars, trade shows, trade missions and business delegations, in Canada and around the world, supported or led by the TCS. These initiatives are an excellent opportunity for Canadian businesses to gain international exposure, build connections and accelerate their global expansion with the help of the TCS.

If you don't see anything of interest on that page, keep checking back as it's updated regularly!

Are my exports going to be subject to tariffs if there's a free trade agreement in effect?

Canada's free trade agreements cover 51 countries, 61% of world GDP, 1.5 billion consumers.

Keeping costs down is often top of mind when doing business globally. Canada's 15 free trade agreements (FTAs) can reduce your exporting costs and provide you with access to new customers around the world. If you're planning to export to a country that has an FTA with Canada, use the free Canada Tariff Finder to get the current tariff rate for specific goods.

For more information on how you can benefit from Canada's FTAs to enter new markets and diversify your exports, check out this feature article from CanadExport.

Do I need to declare my exports, and how do I know if I need an export permit?

Unless you're exporting to the United States, reporting your exports is mandatory under Canadian regulations. For details on how to do this, consult the Canada Border Services Agency's Guide to Exporting Commercial Goods from Canada.

You'll also need an export permit if:

What is an export permit?

Export permits can be issued to any resident of Canada to export goods and technology included on the Export Control List or to a country included on the Area Control List, subject to certain terms and conditions. An export permit sets out, among other things, the quantity, technical description and nature of the goods and technology to be exported, as well as the final destination country and consignee (foreign party or parties who will be importing the goods or technology from the Canadian exporter into a foreign country).

For more information on export controls, we suggest consulting the Export and brokering controls handbook.

Where can I find out more about the TCS and trade‑related topics?

Visit the TCS website to learn more about how the TCS can help you do business around the world with confidence, and how to contact a Trade Commissioner. With a free MyTCS account, you can also access export‑related information, market insights, tools, events and more, tailored to your business needs. And be sure to follow the TCS on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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