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Disclaimer: Be advised that most links are only offered in the language of origin.

Note: Although our offices are not in a position to recommend that you use the services of one particular firm or to guarantee the quality of the services provided, we are pleased to provide you with the list of qualified contacts who offer the following services.

Global Translation Co., Ltd.
Ms. Stacy Ma
Winterless Centre Tower B, 2/F No. 1 Dawang Road, Chaoyang, Beijing, 100028, China
Tel.: 400 629 1995 / 13911395074
Services: Global Translation offers a full range of high-quality, fairly priced language solutions, including translation, interpretation (both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation), one-stop conference service and other localization and globalization services.
Sector/Speciality: Global Translation offers translations and interpretation services for a wide variety of sectors, such as petroleum and petrochemicals, construction and engineering, irrigation and hydropower, electricity generation and supply, electrical equipment, automotive machinery, IT communication, law, finance, economics, conferences/expositions, medicine, chemical engineering and so on, all done through our specialist translation and interpretation teams.
Language Capabilities: English, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabian, etc.

Shanghai Timefortune Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
Mr. Henry Xu
Room 1108, ShengTianDi Office Building, No. 1165 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, 200060, China
Mobile: +86 139 0180 6499
Services: Timefortune provides various types of translation service in several languages, covering a wide range of fields. Its services also include simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, escort interpretation, conference interpretation and multi-language translation.
Sector/Speciality: Economy, trade, management; Finance, investment, insurance; Electronics, mechanism, chemistry; IT, communications, semi-conductor; Law; Medicine, health, environment, food; Literature, art, education, advertising; Assistant interpretation; Business escort interpretation; Consecutive interpretation; Simultaneous interpretation; Conference simultaneous interpretation; Translation of multi-media materials.
Language Capabilities: English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Arabian and so on.

Sinophone Interpretation
58 Taicang Road, 2/F
Shanghai 200021 China
Tel: +86 21 6103 6703
Fax: +86 21 5102 8098
Specialties: Executive interpretation for visits and missions to China; Simultaneous interpretation (SI) for meetings and events. Accredited with the Government of Canada; 15+ years interpreting for ministers, premiers and high-level trade missions to China.

Speed Translation & Printing
Ms. Alice He
Suite 1409, Feidiao International Mansion, No. 1065 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai 200030
Tel.: +86 21 5489 6060 X 114
Services: Specialized in translation, interpretation, software/website localization, multimedia dubbing, graphic design & printing, and market research and call center services.
Sector/Speciality: Providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for high-level business and government negotiations, meetings, technical discussions, conferences, seminars, on-site work and other events. Translation service covering advertising & tourism, Business & HR, Chemical Technology, Civil engineering, Community Services & Education, Computer Hardware/Software, Consumer Service, Electronics, Earth Sciences, Industrial Technology, Mechanical Engineering.
Language Capabilities: Providing translation/interpretation services both between English and Asian and European languages and vice versa. (English, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish)

Star Translation Shanghai
9F, 200 Zhongshan Naner Lu, Shanghai 200030, China
Tel.: +86 21 5108 6268
Fax: +86 21 5108 6278
Services: Based in Shanghai and Beijing, dedicated to the provision of fast, accurate, confidential and professional translation solutions as well as top-quality consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services.
Sector/Speciality: Subjects include economy, commerce, culture, law, finance, construction, machinery, electronics and automobile. Chinese-English translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.
Language Capabilities: English, Japanese, German, French and Korean

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