Inter-American Development Bank Group

Washington, DC

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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group comprises the IDB, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). The IDB is the main source of multilateral development financing in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank pursues its two overarching goals of reducing poverty and inequality and promoting sustainable economic growth in the region with an emphasis on fostering development through the private sector. The IDB is currently undergoing comprehensive reforms to grow its private sector operations and ensure greater synergies between its private and public sector operations.

The IDB has offices in its 26 regional member countries as well as in Madrid and Tokyo. The IDB obtains capital from its 48 member countries by borrowing (using its AAA credit rating) on financial markets, through trust funds that it administers, and via co-financing ventures. IDB’s loans finance public and private sector projects. In 2013, the Bank approved 168 projects for a total value of US$14 billion, and disbursed US$11.2 billion (19% of which was for private sector projects). In addition, in 2013, the IIC approved US$415 million in financing, and MIF approved grants, loans and investments totalling US$108 million.

IDB Commitments by Region 2013

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IDB Commitments by Region (US$ millions) Footnote 1 2013
South America$8,50061%
Central America$4,06029%
The Caribbean$1,0337%
Regional Initiatives$4003%

IDB Commitments by Sector Grouping 2013

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IDB Commitments by Sector Grouping (US$ millions) Footnote 2 2013
Infrastructure & Environment$4,70234%
Institutions for Development$4,97036%
Integration & Trade$1,2239%
Social Sector$3,00421%

Product Offerings & Eligibility Requirements

The IDB Group offers sovereign and non-sovereign guaranteed loans, grants, guarantees and equity investments. The Bank may make loans or provide loan guarantees to a member country, political subdivision (states, provinces, municipalities, government entities), or private enterprise (corporations, other companies, cooperatives, foundations). Visit the IDB’s Eligibility Criteria for info.

Procurement Process

IDB uses International Competitive Bidding for works contracts over US$5M and goods contracts over US$350K. Only companies and professionals domiciled in, or nationals of, one of the Bank's member countries are eligible to supply goods and services financed with Bank resources. Only goods that originate in a Bank member country may be procured. Procurement notices are available online.

Project Preparation, Evaluation and Approval

From the time a project is conceived and throughout its various stages (identification, preparation, analysis, negotiation, approval, and execution), the Bank examines the need for and feasibility of the project, and the institutional capacity of the borrower and/or executing agency. The Bank arranges the final agreement on the project with the country and submits it to the Bank's authorities for approval, and it oversees project execution and operation.

Private Sector Financing

The Bank has four private sector windows: Structured and Corporate Finance (SCF) (strengthening large-scale private sector sustainable investments); MIF (identifying innovative ways of delivering development through the private sector); Opportunities for the Majority (financing innovative business models for/targeting the base of the pyramid); IIC (supporting the growth of small and medium enterprises).

The Canadian government and the IDB are partners in the untied $250M Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in the Americas (C2F). This fund catalyzes private sector investments in climate change mitigation and adaption.

Canadian firms can obtain additional information and support by contacting representatives from the Canadian Aid Market Support Network

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