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Expand globally with Canada’s free trade agreements

Your company can benefit from preferential access to 1.5 billion potential customers around the world through free trade agreements (FTAs). With 99.5% of the world’s population outside our borders, it is time for you to capitalize on unprecedented market opportunities and Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) can help you.

Canada’s FTAs make an impact

FTA benefits for Canadian businesses

Learn more about the benefits of Canada’s free trade agreements to grow your business.

We can help you make the most of FTAs

  1. Trade commissioners in Canada and around the world provide expert advice to help you benefit from preferential access to these markets.
  2. The TCS helps Canadian businesses grow by connecting them with international opportunities, funding, and support programs. Contact a trade commissioner in more than 160 cities worldwide and across Canada.
  3. Register a trade barrier and let us help you. We work with several partner government departments that examine each challenge and use their network to identify possible solutions.

Here’s how you can use FTAs to your advantage

Step 1 - Determine the correct tariff classification
Step 2 - Determine tariff preference
Step 3 - Confirm if your product meets the rules of origin
Step 4 - Claim preferential access to a market
Step 5 - Export your products

Advance rulings

Advance rulings are one of the most effective trade facilitation tools in Canada’s FTAs. They help expedite customs clearance and provide more certainty about how a customs administration will treat your product at the border.

Advance rulings for origin under an FTA must be requested from the customs administration of the importing country. You must provide the importing country with a binding ruling on your products, including:

Advance rulings can help you determine the cost of selling your goods in a market before you ship anything. They can take 120 to 150 calendar days to receive.

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