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Frequently Asked Questions – CanExport Associations

Understand how your Canadian industry association or trade organization can access up to $250,000 per year to conduct international business development activities. Find out how the funding works and which activities are eligible. This FAQ will help you determine if your organization is eligible and how to contact the program to confirm this.

How our funding works

Activities eligible for funding

Which activities are eligible?

CanExport Associations supports activities that promote, facilitate, and enable Canadian industry's diversification and expansion of their commercial exports into new international markets. Activities in (or targeting) all countries are eligible, provided Canada has not imposed sanctions against a given country.

Approval of funding for travel and activities that require being physically present in a foreign country, or a foreign participant being physically present in Canada, depends on the status of Government of Canada travel advisories when we assess your application. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that travel restrictions are lifted in Canada and in destination countries before applying.

Proposed activities must benefit the organization's entire industry, the organization's members and non-members alike.

CanExport Associations supports non-travel activities:

Based on Government of Canada Travel Advisories, CanExport Associations also supports:

Preparing an application

Current funding recipients

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