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Mining is a major economic activity in Ghana and a key contributor to the Ghanaian economy. Gold mining accounted for 48.4% of gross merchandise exports in 2020.Footnote 1 In 2018, Ghana overtook South Africa as the largest gold producer in Africa. Ghana is politically stable. Improvements in industry regulation, reliability of electricity supply and a skilled labour force continue to underpin investment in the sector.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Mineral processing

The Ghanaian mining industry faces two major challenges as it relates to mineral processing. First, there are complex ore bodies that require innovative solutions to treat and recover. Second, the reliability and cost of power is a significant issue that affects the ability to effectively operate mineral processing plants. Mining companies are looking to optimize energy use and would invest in economical and sustainable renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. Climate change considerations, a move toward greener energy sources and a reduction in carbon emissions are also key considerations for industry.

Health and safety

The Ghanaian mining industry's priority is to promote the health and safety of mining employees. The Chamber of Mines is implementing safety protocols at mining sites and communities to reduce injuries and deaths. The chamber is also collaborating with the Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana to improve adherence by mine operations to environmental standards; environmental degradation, deforestation and water contamination are linked to illegal mining activities in Ghana.

Mine site construction

Mine infrastructure typically increases with the development of new mines, although most operational mines go through a redevelopment phase. Mine infrastructure, provision of utilities, catering facilities, security installations, community resettlement and associated technologies all offer opportunities for Canadian mining supply and services companies. An efficient mining community is largely a function of the development of its infrastructure. A recent assessment of cleantech needs in Ghana shows the need for dust suppression technology for application on mining roads.

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Ghana

Ghana business landscape

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