Mining market in Guyana

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World Bank Ease of Doing Business score

Gold, bauxite and diamond

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Guyana ranks 57th overall in Canadian mining assets abroad


Canadian companies operating in Guyana

Situated on the mineral-rich Guiana Shield, Guyana’s mining sector focuses on gold, bauxite and diamonds; gold represented 8.8% of Guyana’s economic output in 2021. Diamond declarations grew by an estimated 82.2% in 2020. Sand extraction and stone production grew by approximately 132.8% and 15.9%, respectively, partially supported by the heavy emphasis on construction activity in the government’s Public Sector Investment Program as well as rapid expansion in private-sector construction activity. Guyana is an under-explored region where there is minimal risk of community and environmental issues. It operates as a free-market model for development and is open to economic liberalization and foreign investments, encouraged by mining sector incentives.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Mineral processing and improved efficiency

The Guyanese government is interested in securing large-scale investors in the mining industry, especially in gold and bauxite, for exploration purposes and to improve the efficiency and productivity of operations. At a strategic level, the government has called for more focus on deriving efficiency from the mineral recovery phase of the small and medium-scale mines to help promote sustainability. Guyana is also in the process of converting to mercury-free mining by 2025. It plans to do this by involving businesses in the supply chain that will produce and market responsibly mined mercury-free gold.

Opportunities exist for Canadian mining suppliers offering a variety of solutions and services, such as:

Health and safety

The Ministry of Labour has partnered with mining associations to establish a tripartite committee to address occupational, health and safety (OHS) concerns within Guyana’s mining industry. There is great interest for OHS training, adherence to safety and environmental standards as well as providing safety equipment.

Mine site construction

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Guyana

Guyana business landscape

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