Mining market in Japan

Industry highlights

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Export Development Canada's position


Global exploration share


World Bank Ease of Doing Business score

Gold, copper and silver

lead Japan's mining sector

Can $38.2 million

Japan ranks 56th overall in Canadian mining assets abroad


Canadian companies operating in Japan


5-year compound annual growth rate of industry

- 6%

5-year production compound annual rate of change

US $89.0 billion

National mining revenues


Japan is a country with few natural resources that looks to resource-rich nations such as Canada to supply the vast majority of its needs. Japanese trading houses, smelters and mining companies have investments all over the world and import raw materials to Japan for refinement and smelting. Sales of the finished products are to both domestic manufacturing sectors and international customers. In addition, some Japanese companies sell their outputs directly from foreign mines to foreign buyers.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Artificial software applications

Canadian expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) software applications for mine safety and energy efficiency may be of interest to Japanese trading houses and mining-related companies looking to establish technology partnerships for use in their offshore mining projects.

Environmental solutions

Environmental solutions incorporating AI technology are also of interest, including AI solutions to improve outcomes for:

Innovative mining technology

Other innovative technologies of interest to Japanese companies include:

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Japan

Japan business landscape

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