Mining market in Mexico

Industry highlights


Export Development Canada's position 


Global exploration share


World Bank Ease of Doing Business score 

Iron and steel

lead Mexico's mining sector

Can $8.9 billion

Mexico ranks 7th overall in Canadian mining assets abroad


Canadian companies operating in Mexico


5-year compound annual growth rate of industry


5-year production compound annual rate of change

US $27.1 billion

National mining revenues


Mexico is one of the most important mining jurisdictions in the world. Many advantages make Mexico a desirable mining location, such as their:

Mexico's seaports on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans offer ideal trading routes for Canadian mining suppliers pursuing international business development opportunities.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Environmental protection

Between 2016 and 2017, the Mexican government implemented a new set of stringent environmental control measures for mining companies in Mexico. To meet these new environmental requirements and norms, mining companies seek:

Mining companies in Mexico also need to improve their relationship local communities that are very sensitive to the impact of mining companies on the environment. This presents an opportunity for Canadian mining supply and services (MSS) firms to sell environmentally friendly technologies to help companies reduce their environmental impact, comply with local and international legislation, and maintain their social licence to operate.

Health and safety

Mining companies operating in Mexico are looking for new solutions to improve health and safety at mine sites. New and innovative security systems and products are in especially high demand in Mexico's mining market. Canadian MSS firms proposing new safety systems for mining installations or tools to improve worker safety will be particularly well-received.

Productivity on site

Mining companies operating in Mexico are looking to improve productivity on mine sites. Opportunities exist for Canadian MSS companies offering artificial intelligence and autonomous equipment.

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Mexico

Mexico business landscape

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