Mining market in Morocco

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World Bank Ease of Doing Business score

Phosphate and silver

lead Morocco’s mining sector

Can $38.9 million

Morocco ranks 54th overall in Canadian mining assets abroad


Canadian companies operating in Morocco

Morocco has an established mining tradition with regular production of mineral substances including:

Notably, Morocco is home to three quarters of the planet’s known phosphate reserves and is the world’s top exporter of crude phosphates. This mining landscape, combined with newly adopted legislation on mining, has led the Fraser Institute in Canada to rank Morocco in 2021 as Africa’s most-attractive investment destination and 8th worldwide for global mining corporations. Despite the pandemic context, the Moroccan extractive sector achieved a favourable performance, due to rising prices of precious metals, specifically gold and silver, and strong global demand for phosphate and cobalt.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Mineral processing

The Moroccan mining sector is growing, with several projects aiming to make it more attractive to foreign investment (such as modernization of regulation, investment facilitation and reorganization of artisanal mining activity) and offering interesting opportunities to Canadian companies. Two Moroccan global companies with footprints in Africa, OCP Group and Managem, have expansion programs and have needs in both open-pit and underground mines. Canadian companies could get involved in:

Environmental studies and sustainable development

Morocco announced a new, 2021 to 2030 mining plan accompanied by a green strategy for responsible and sustainable mining development. Morocco’s association agreement with the European Union (EU) commits the country to improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, Morocco is a semi-arid country where water efficiency is essential to moving toward a more sustainable mining sector. Canadian companies could get involved in the following green mining projects:

Mine site construction

New copper, potassium and tin mines will open in 2023; some of these mines are deep underground mines. Canadian companies could find opportunities for:

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Morocco

Morocco business landscape

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