Mining market in Peru

Industry highlights


Export Development Canada's position


Global exploration share


World Bank Ease of Doing Business score 

Copper, silver and zinc

lead Peru's mining sector

Can $9.9 billion

Peru ranks 5th overall in Canadian mining assets abroad


Canadian companies operating in Peru


5-year compound annual growth rate of industry

- 2.8%

5-year production compound annual rate of change

US $24.8 billion

National mining revenues


Peru is the world's second-largest producer of copper, silver and zinc as well as Latin America's largest producer of gold, zinc, lead, boron, indium and selenium. The country has robust macroeconomic institutions and business-oriented policies that provide trade opportunities to Canadian mining operators and suppliers.  Peru is a strategic hub on the Pacific (for regional neighbours). Canada is among the top foreign direct investors in a key Peruvian industry: manufacturing minerals and metals.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Mining portfolio

Despite the pandemic, Peru managed to ramp up a new mine and is soon to conclude the construction of another. In addition, they have expanded several mines and received approval to start new mining projects. This translates into solution offerings by Canadian mining supply and services (MSS) firms in:

Mineral processing

Mining companies operating in Peru seek to improve productivity by increasing automation/digitalization and energy efficiency of mine operations. With the grades of new mines being lower than previous operations, many brownfield projects dominate Peru's exploration portfolio. Opportunities exist for Canadian MSS companies offering solutions to convert operations into intelligent mines, particularly:

Most mines are off-grid and either need to build their own electricity plant or depend on diesel-fuelled generation.

Health and safety

Mining companies operating in Peru are looking to improve mine-site health and safety. While that has improved exponentially in the last six years, ventilation, rock stability and tailings management continue to be challenging. This presents export opportunities for Canadian MSS companies offering:

Canadian MSS firms offering water/wastewater management services are also desired as Peru has numerous tailings deposits throughout the country.


Peru's polymetallic (copper, cadmium, indium, iron, steel, lead, silver and zinc) endowment positions it well in the global transition to a low carbon economy, including:

The Peruvian government set a collective target of 70% renewable energy use by 2030, opening an opportunity for the Canadian MSS sector to help with adaptation strategies for climate change risks.

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Peru

Peru business landscape

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