Mining market in the Philippines

Industry highlights


Export Development Canada's position


Global exploration share


World Bank Ease of Doing Business score

Nickel, cobalt, copper and gold

lead the Philippines' mining sector

Can $895 million

The Philippines rank 27th overall in Canadian mining assets abroad


Canadian companies operating in the Philippines


5-year compound annual growth rate of industry


5-year production compound annual rate of change  

US $7.4 billion

National mining revenues


The Philippines is strategically located in the western Pacific next to its main market for its mining outputs, China. It is also situated in one of the busiest trade routes in the world, catering to an inflow of commodities such as crude oil from the Middle East as well as an outflow of manufactured goods from east Asian countries. The Philippines has rich deposits of copper, gold, nickel and other minerals still waiting to be tapped and 55 operating metallic mines and seven processing plants.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

Mineral processing

The Philippines has seven privately owned mineral processing plants. Four of these plants process gold, two plants process nickel and one smelts and refines copper. In general, plant operations are constrained by high power costs, especially those located in off-grid areas, and increasing costs of chemicals and other consumables, such as steel balls. Some of these companies have shown interest in generating power by tapping renewable energy sources, opening the opportunity for Canadian mining supply and services (MSS) companies offering these types of solutions.

Health and safety

Mining companies invest in training and development to ensure their people have the right skills and knowledge needed to perform their job safely. They also subject themselves to periodic rigorous internal and external audits to ensure their systems and processes are continuously improving and on par with international standards. These companies, based on their pandemic experience, are now open to various online training and methodologies such as those using association rules, which Canadian MSS companies with training expertise should explore.

Mine site construction

New mines are arising from the 2021 lifting of the moratorium on new mining agreements and on open-pit ban. Companies are undertaking the permitting and/or investment generation process; details on potential opportunities for Canadian MSS companies should be known later this year. Slated to open are the three big-ticket projects:

Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in the Philippines

Philippine business landscape

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