Trade Commissioner Service - Russia

Welcome to the office of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Moscow.

Notice to our clients:
Canada has been at the forefront of the international community’s response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Canada has imposed a broad range of economic sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals and entities, including measures targeting key sectors of the Russian economy: financial, defence and energy.

For more up to date information on the sanctions, we recommend that you visit the Canadian government’s webpage.

If you have specific inquiries, please send them to

The Embassy of Canada in Russia continues to engage with Russian authorities as required to defend and promote Canadian positions and interests, including the provision of consular services to Canadians. The Embassy will continue to support Canadian companies, where required, to address bilateral commercial and market access issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to discuss with you the kind of products and services we are able to provide under the current circumstances that will best match your requirements.

From Moscow, Russia, we also cover Uzbekistan and Armenia.

Leading Opportunity Sectors

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