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Climate finance: International business opportunities

To help developing countries mitigate the effects of and adapt to climate change, significant financing is being offered by public, private and alternative sources—such as bilateral organizations and international financial institutions (IFIs)—for local, national and transnational projects around the world.

In the last four years, more than US$61 billion in climate finance has been mobilized globally. By 2020, global climate finance is expected to reach US$100 billion annually, based on a commitment from developed countries made at the 15th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Opportunities for Canadian companies

Climate finance presents growing international business opportunities for Canadian firms across a variety of sectors, such as professional services, clean technologies, infrastructure, agriculture, mining and transportation. By taking on a variety of project roles (e.g. project developer, service provider and technology provider), Canadian firms can enter developing and emerging markets with the support of climate finance.

Although funding opportunities for climate-related projects are numerous, accessing them isn’t straightforward. The Climate Fund Inventory database covers 90+ climate funds that vary in scope and size. Our regionally focused climate finance trade commissioners can assist you in navigating these business opportunities by providing you with competitive information, briefing sessions, qualified contacts, visit information and assistance with resolving any problems.

Contact the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service


Manila, Philippines
Grimi Guarico
Climate Finance - Trade Commissioner
Tel : 011 63 2857 9137


Washington, D.C., United States
Faheem Noor Ali
Climate Finance - Trade Commissioner
Tel : (202) 448-6306


Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Euloge Camara
Climate Finance - Trade Commissioner
Tel : +225 20300796

Europe and Middle East

London, United Kingdom
Rachel Soares
Climate Finance - Trade Commissioner
Tel: 011 44 2070046219

This support is integrated within the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service’s network of offices abroad and in Canada, as well as the aid market support network.

Access climate finance

Climate finance is offered by a wide variety of actors in the form of grants, debt financing, risk mitigation (e.g. guarantees, insurance), equity and carbon offsets. Climate finance is available to businesses that deliver goods, works or services for projects related to climate change mitigation, adaptation and REDD+ (reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation).

Funding is available through bilateral agencies and IFIs that offer public procurement opportunities for Canadian firms. Financing is also increasingly available through private-sector lending windows. For example, the private-sector arms of many IFIs (e.g. the International Finance Corporation) and development finance institutions (e.g. in Canada and in Europe), as well as institutional and private investors, offer climate finance in the form of debt financing, equity investment or guarantees for specific projects.

For an overview of the international sources of climate finance, how to identify and use public and private sector channels, and best practices:

Information on how to access climate-specific business opportunities for each of the following multilateral development banks and funds:

Information on a selection of regional-focused climate funds that are accessible to Canadian companies:

For more information on the funds highlighted in the reports, in addition to strategies for accessing these funds, please contact our Regional Climate Finance Trade Commissioner.

Canadian successes

Canadian companies demonstrate international leadership in many key sector areas of climate finance, including in renewable energy, consulting services, geomatics, energy efficiency, and agriculture. Here are some examples of Canadian successes abroad:

Canadian Successes

Additional Resources

Climate Finance Fact Sheets

Climate finance fundamentals

  • Climate Finance Fundamentals
    The Overseas Development Institute (ODI), an independent, global think tank, provides an overview about available funding and priority sectors for different geographic regions of interest.
  • Global landscape of climate finance
    Produced by the Climate Policy Initiative, this website provides a data visualization of global climate-relevant investment figures from 2012 to 2016.
  • Creating markets for climate business: An IFC climate investment opportunities report
    This report identifies seven industry sectors that can make a crucial difference in catalyzing private investment: renewable energy, off-grid solar and energy storage, agribusiness, green buildings, urban transportation, water and urban waste management.

Climate finance projects

  • UN Development Business (associated membership cost)
    This procurement platform serves as the official UN website for consulting, contracting and export opportunities worldwide.
  • Devex (associated membership cost)
    Devex is the largest provider of recruiting and business development services for global development. The platform has an audience of over one million global development professionals and uncovers billions of dollars of climate-related grants and contract opportunities.
  • DevelopmentAid (associated membership cost)
    DevelopmentAid is a platform that provides comprehensive information services for the international development sector. By providing a nexus of funding opportunities, expertise and carefully curated data, the platform connects donors, agencies, consultancy firms, NGOs and individual consultants working in international development.
  • Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)
    The CTCN promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low-carbon and climate-resilient development at the request of developing countries. The centre provides technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries. Membership is free upon approval of the application.

Climate finance funds

  • Climate Fund Inventory (CFI) database
    This provides consolidated information on the number and types of climate funds that are available. You can browse these bilateral and multilateral public climate funds by name, type or field of activity.
  • Power Africa Toolbox Filter
    This provides a comprehensive view of the tools and resources Power Africa uses to drive deals and facilitate investment needed to increase the number of people with access to electricity.
  • Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme
    This provides a funding database related to renewable energy in African markets. It also provides support for accessing those funds, as well as market information about the region.

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