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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Everywhere you export

Funding to help your business take on new markets

CanExport is a multi-year, Government of Canada program that provides direct financial assistance to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) seeking to develop new export opportunities and markets.


  • Up to $50,000 per project;
  • Costs are shared on a 50:50 basis;
  • Fully accessible through an
    online application;
  • Service standard of 25 working
    days for a decision.

Eligibility checklist

Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • For-profit company;
  • ncorporated legal entity or a limited
    liability partnership (LLP);
  • Have a Canada Revenue Agency business
    identifier number*;
  • Maximum of 500 full-time equivalent
    (FTE) employees;
  • No less than $100,000 and no more than
    $100 million in annual revenue declared
    in Canada.

*An exception may be granted for proudly Indigenous-owned or led businesses.

Eligible projects

  • Projects must target new markets (those
    where the applicant has never exported to
    or has not substantially done so within the
    last 24 months);
  • Open to projects in all industry sectors,
    unless already covered by other federal
    export development funding programs;
  • Can take place in any country, provided
    Canada has not imposed sanctions against
    that country or against individuals/entities
    relevant to the proposed project.


44% of CanExport projects led to firms exporting to their target market within a year of project completion.

Qualified activities

Proposed projects must promote export development and go beyond an applicant’s core activities. They may include:

  • Business travel to target markets;
  • Participation at trade fairs and
    trade missions;
  • Adaptation of marketing tools for
    new markets;
  • Interpretation and translation;
  • Intellectual property protection,
    certification or adaptation of contracts
    for target markets;
  • Business, tax or legal advice for
    target markets;
  • Market research.

Did you know?

Since its inception, CanExport has helped over 1,000 SMEs to diversify their export markets.

Access new opportunities

Ask a Trade Commissioner about CanExport, or apply directly:

Diversify to new markets
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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Everywhere you export

Diversify to new markets

Are you ready for commercial expansion abroad? We can help you get there.

Funding Support

The TCS offers a variety of non-repayable funding programs to help eligible Canadian organizations expand their international footprint:

  • CanExport: Supports Canadian companies to explore new markets for their products and services and promote their international business development efforts.
  • Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA): Helps national associations undertake new or expanded business development activities, in strategic markets and sectors, for the benefit of an entire industry.
  • Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP): Supports collaborative industrial research and development between Canadian SMEs and foreign partners in Brazil, China, India, Israel, and South Korea.
  • Going Global Innovation (GGI): Helps Canadian innovators to meet with foreign collaborators to commercialize their technologies through joint research and development opportunities.    

Programs & Initiatives

The TCS provides a wide range of programs and initiatives to help Canadian companies to capitalize on new business ventures around the world:

  • Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA): Supports high-potential technology companies to expand to new markets through workshops, mentorship and business introductions.
  • Business Women in International Trade (BWIT): Offers support, products and services to help women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses to internationalize and grow their companies.
  • Trade events in Canada and abroad: Help connect with potential buyers or partners at industry trade events through export cafés, matchmaking and pre-arranged business-to-business meetings.
  • Canada Trade Missions: Provide a low cost market-entry vehicle for participating SMEs who learn about local business culture and doing business in new markets.

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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Everywhere you export

Serving Canadian business abroad

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies navigate the complexities of international markets with on-the-ground assistance available in over 160 cities worldwide. Each year, fiffteen thousand Canadian companies contact the TCS. Why not yours?

To get our best, we need your best...

When approaching your bank for a loan, you wouldn’t submit a request without a business plan. You need to do the same with your Trade Commissioner. If we know more about you, we can provide you with better service.

What we need to know

  • What is unique about your company, product or service?
  • Who are the end users of your product or service?
  • Which country or regional market are you targeting?
  • How do you plan to enter the market?
  • When do you plan to visit the market?

80% of TCS clients say…

Trade Commissioners helped them gain the confidence to explore or expand their operations in to new global markets.

Your export partner

Your initial enquiry is the beginning of a partnership with your Trade Commissioner, and the foundation for building a credible reputation abroad.

FACT: More than half of our staff working abroad are local specialists who are hired for their first-hand knowledge of the country in which they live. You too can benefit from their market intelligence and valuable connections.

Did you know?

All requests are treated confidentially and all services are offered free of charge to eligible Canadian organizations.

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Access a world of trade knowledge:

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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Everywhere you export

Canada’s Export Experts

If you're prepared to do business abroad, we can help you get there.

Connect your business globally

Are you looking for qualified contacts in a foreign market?

Let us make the introductions for your company

With offices in over 160 cities worldwide and across Canada, we help both new and experienced Canadian companies connect with qualified contacts everywhere you do business:

  • potential buyers, partners, agents, manufacturers’ representatives & distributors
  • consultants, accountants, freight forwarders, lawyers & patent attorneys
  • government officials, associations, chambers of commerce, local banks & financial institutions

“When we negotiated our first international
deal, we were not aware of the services
offered by the Trade Commissioner Service
abroad. Now, when we approach a market,
we contact them systematically…”
Neale Johannesson, Cyntech Corporation, Calgary

To compete in the global marketplace, your company needs access to current market intelligence to guide your export strategy.

As Canada’s largest network of international trade professionals, we have more than 1,000 trade commissioners located on-the-ground everywhere you do business.

We can help you:

  • pursue and close more export deals
  • develop market-entry strategies
  • identify qualified business contacts
  • resolve complex business problems
  • avoid delays and costly mistakes

80% of TCS clients say…

Trade Commissioners helped them connect
with foreign business contacts that would have
otherwise been difficult to identify
or access.

Take your business to the world.

Get the TCS advantage

Passport to success
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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Everywhere you export

Passport to success

Are you considering entering the global arena but are uncertain of how to succeed?

Our trade commissioners will guide you safely to arrive at your desired destination.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps more than 15,000 clients navigate the complexities of international markets each year. We can help you too.

Six tips to consider:

  1. Target the most promising markets.
    Successful companies concentrate on one foreign
    market at a time before moving on to the next.
  2. Set aside ff nancial resources.
    Exploring new markets may take more time and
    capital than expected, with additional costs such
    as market research.
  3. Gear up for demand.
    Be prepared to meet the increased demand from
    foreign sales with adequate supplies of inventory
    and customer support.

Did you know?

Being a smaller company does not limit your
global sales potential.

90% of Canadian exporters have less than
$1 million in annual sales and a modest
number of employees. Size is less important
than your willingness to commit time and
resources to your export initiative.

  1. Make personal visits.
    Building relationships in foreign markets is best
    done face-to-face. Emails are fine but nothing
    beats meeting in person.
  2. Study the local culture
    Business people and customers will appreciate
    and reward your efforts to learn about their
    culture and traditions.
  3. Set realistic expectations
    Developing foreign markets is a long-term
    commitment. It takes time, effort and money.
    Be dedicated to the process.

80% of TCS clients say ...

Trade Commissioners helped them connect
with foreign business contacts that would have
otherwise been difficult to identify or access.
Trade Commissioners helped them gain
the confidence to explore or expand their
operations in to new global markets.

Make exporting easier.

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