#HOTCS: Marc-André Hawkes, Sydney

Marc-André Hawkes

“Having lived in eleven cities, in seven countries, on five continents (to date!), provides me and the team I lead with the acumen required to better match Canadian business capabilities and interests to local opportunities.  For fifteen years I’ve been living in hardship places such as Miami, Ottawa and now Sydney, a difficult task for the most hardened Canadian, but my family and I are always happy to serve our country.  And yes, we have a sense of humor and always conduct service with a smile!

Although I have many positive (and some challenging) work experiences to recount, I’m particularly proud of my work in Ecuador, as the new government at the time was reconsidering its treatment of Canadian mining investments.  I presented the benefits of responsible Canadian direct investment in Ecuador’s mining sector, negotiated for fair treatment of our companies and delivered dozens of advocacy initiatives to Ecuadorian officials at the ministerial level. I even met with the President.  This eventually led to the protection of our Canadian assets and allowed for the viability of many smaller Canadian exploration ventures in the region.

Now based in Australia, I’m glad to see Canuck business women and men feeling right at home here in the land down under, and it is up to us as trade commissioners to help their commercial ventures succeed.  Australia is already Canada’s largest destination for investment in the Asia-Pacific and once the CPTPP is ratified, it will further place Australia as a unique destination for Canadian products and services, both here and as a gateway to Asia.  We trade commissioners have been in Australia since 1895 (Sydney was our first ever office abroad) and we are here to stay.  Reach out to us today and let us help your business grow!”

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