#HOTCS: Sanjay Purohit, London

Sanjay Purohit

"It comes down to persistence and making the right choices. I help our clients with UK market readiness, ensuring they are thoroughly qualified.  Having worked in international business for 25 years, I’m able to showcase particular opportunities to our clients resulting from my wide networks, as well as local market and sector knowledge. 

In the technology sector, finding success in the U.K. market is about the ability to scale and build a recurring revenue model – going beyond the "proof of concept" phases. That’s what I value in our client’s proposition and what I can help enhance.

As an example, over the last 18 months, Introhive, a New Brunswick based technology company have secured over $2 million in new business, from U.K. clients. As the lead ICT Trade Commissioner, it has been a privilege to help with their international expansion by introducing key partners and customers, and providing market insights. Additionally, Introhive has grown their team from 1 to 15 in the U.K., and they’ve employed an additional 65 people in Canada as a result of their export success.  Leveraging our global network in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Dubai has proven a great strength in our services, as the company diversifies into new markets. Their co-founder and CEO, Stewart Walchli insisted I introduce them to my colleagues in these markets, because of the great work delivered here, in the UK.

I serve around 120 Canadian technology clients a year, each trying to replicate and emulate the Introhive type of success, but in their own niche areas. I’m excited about Canada’s strengths in ICT, an industry that contributes $73 billion to Canada’s GDP and employs around 600,000 Canadians. It’s the realisation that the services I’m providing are helping to shape our client’s export goals in such a positive way. That is what motivates me. I love the work I do because it ultimately leads to Canada continuing to flourish in the global economy."

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