Information and communications technologies (ICT) market in Tunisia

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Contribution of the ICT sector to Tunisia's GDP (2022)


Tunisia ranks second in Africa for artificial intelligence readiness (2019)


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The mobile data penetration rate (2019)

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in Tunisia is a leading sector, with a trade potential supported by an expertise that is recognized on the international market.

As a result of its advantageous geographical position and its openness to the rest of the world, Tunisia is a destination of choice for foreign companies in the ICT sector, as it can serve as a hub for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Most of the world's leading companies have a presence in the Tunisian market, including SAGEM, Alcatel, Orange, Bull, Ericsson, Ooredoo, Fujitsu and IBM. These companies are strongly interested in foreign investment and partnership.

Key opportunities for Canadian ICT companies in Tunisia

The Tunisian market offers business opportunities for Canadian companies specializing in the following:

  • Software development for web and mobile
  • 5G telecommunications
  • FinTech and e-government
  • Cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence

Tunisia is an attractive market for Canadian companies, offering a young and skilled workforce, much lower wages and payroll taxes than in Canada, financial and tax incentives for foreign companies and a strategic location.

Key challenges for Canadian ICT companies in Tunisia

  • The narrowness of the local market, which should be targeted as a hub for the region or for opening a subsidiary
  • A good understanding of market needs is essential
  • Bureaucracy and regulations
  • Association with a local partner is systematically required

Tunisia's business landscape

The strategy "Tunisie digitale 2025" is built around six areas and aims to

  • develop digital and financial inclusion (electronic payment)
  • attract foreign investment and develop a start-up and innovation ecosystem
  • digitize and simplify administrative processes for citizens
  • define Tunisia's positioning strategy on disruptive and/or emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, Blockchain, quantum computing, etc.)
  • adapt training and employment policy to business needs
  • implement a cybersecurity policy and strengthen the data protection framework


The Tunisian market is a favourable destination for foreign ICT companies to develop business opportunities. It is a recommended platform for accessing neighbouring markets in the Africa and Middle East region.

Canadian companies in the ICT sector that have chosen Tunisia as a location have been able to broaden their horizons by moving into higher value-added activities.

Having a Tunisian site allowed these companies to:

  • improve the competitiveness of their parent companies by reducing their operating costs
  • overcome the lack of human resources in ICT in Canada
  • optimize their resources, production capacities and stock markets

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