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Trade Commissioner Service - Eligibility criteria

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) supports Canadian companies that have economic ties to Canada, the potential to contribute to Canada’s economic growth, and the ability to internationalize.

TCS clients can be:

To qualify as a TCS client and profit from our services, your Canadian business or organization must have the following criteria.

Have meaningful economic ties to Canada
  • Registered or incorporated in Canada
  • Support an established office(s) with:
    • employees
    • a subsidiary
    • a plant
    • a research and development establishment
    • a joint venture in Canada
  • A company listing on a Canadian equities exchange with potential for strong contribution to the Canadian economy
Have the potential to generate economic activities that help Canada
  • increased exports of Canadian-made products or services
  • out-licensing technologies abroad
  • new job creation
  • increased research and development activity
  • increased production in Canada

Companies that want to sell equities or real-estate abroad, or one-person unregistered businesses looking to sell an idea abroad, are not eligible for TCS services.

Show the capacity for and commitment to international business
  • conducted research on foreign markets and opportunities
  • dedicated time and resources to doing business abroad
  • developed a realistic and credible international business plan
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