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At the Trade Commissioner Service, we're dedicated to fostering the success of Canadian businesses of all sizes, including small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs). Our goal is to help these companies do business with the world and succeed on the global stage. One of the ways we do that is through specialized programs known as trade accelerators.

Understanding trade accelerators

Trade accelerators are designed to fast‑track the growth of companies at various stages of their international journey. They focus on speeding up the process of entering new markets and expanding international business activities. Key aspects of these specialized programs include:

The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)

Companies starting their export journey can join one of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) sessions, which are supported by the Trade Commissioner Service and organized in collaboration with local chambers of commerce in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

This program, co‑sponsored by government organizations such as Export Development Canada, in partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), is a launchpad for companies aiming to develop strong export plans.

Participants work towards creating an export plan, which is then reviewed by our Trade Commissioners. We offer valuable feedback and suggestions, and if the company is ready to take the next step, they can become a Trade Commissioner Service client and access our suite of services.

For our clients with market‑ready products or services, we also offer a variety of high‑intensity programs. Not all are labelled as trade accelerators, but they share the same DNA: competitive entry, intimate groups, and a valuable blend of mentorship, market intelligence, and networking opportunities, often involving travel to key markets.

At the forefront of our efforts is the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program, a testament to our commitment to fostering the global expansion and success of Canadian businesses.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program

The CTA program helps Canadian technology companies in the cleantech, life sciences, and digital and information and communication technology sectors to seize growth opportunities in foreign markets.

Delivered by our Trade Commissioners working in embassies, high commissions, consulates, and trade offices abroad, the CTA plugs you into a global network of business-development experts in 12 tech hubs worldwide. The programming is tailored to fit the market and sector of each individual CTA.

Services usually involve:

Eligible companies should have a well‑developed product with market traction, an experienced management team, and strong scaling potential.

With no program costs and no equity taken, the CTA program offers an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your growth.

CTA locations

The CTA program operates in thriving tech ecosystems globally, including North America, Europe, and the Indo‑Pacific region.

  North America



  • Boston
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Silicon Valley
  • Mexico
  • Berlin
  • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Taipei
  • Tokyo

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey, the CTA program application page offers detailed information on selection criteria and the application process.

CTA Impact: More than 10 years of a successful track record 

The CTA program has made remarkable achievements since its launch in 2013. It boasts more than 1,100 graduates who collectively have raised an impressive $754 million in capital, generated $301 million in new revenue, and created partnerships with over 1,100 organizations. These efforts have also contributed to creating over 3,000 new Canadian jobs.

Since its launch, based on survey responses from CTA graduates:

In addition, according to a study by the Office of the Chief Economist at Global Affairs Canada, companies that participated in the CTA program saw 27% greater revenues one year after completing the program, compared to similar firms that did not participate.

Ecosystem of Trade Commissioner Service support programs

Inspired by the success of our CTAs, we’ve replicated this model in various markets and contexts. Examples of similar successful initiatives include:

These programs are an example of our dedication to providing customized support, ensuring Canadian businesses have the tools and networks to enter and succeed in global markets.

For a list of upcoming CTA programs, visit the Canadian Technology Accelerator webpage. Trade Commissioners can help you determine if a CTA is suitable for your business, and which one best fits your needs.

Consult our Trade missions and events webpage for a list of all upcoming events, including non‑CTA trade accelerators offered by the Trade Commissioner Service.

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