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Apply to participate in a Canadian Technology Accelerator

Fast-track your access to new markets, investors and mentors in 12 global tech hubs worldwide. Join a Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) to build your business and your international footprint.

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Selection criteria

CTAs are open to innovative Canadian tech companies that can show they have:

Choosing the best CTA for you

Choose the program and location that fit your business best – and target that specific CTA.

You can apply for a different CTA later. Even if you participated before, you can do so again. Some CTA alumni have done the same program again later to meet more objectives or joined a different CTA to reach more markets.

What we need from you

Before you start the online application process, take some time to gather key information. Here are some examples of what we need from you:

You can save your work as you progress through the application. All information you provide is treated as confidential.

How the selection process works

Participants are chosen in a competitive process. The TCS and a panel of industry experts review the applications and decide whether applicants are eligible and a good fit for a location.

You will get an answer within 5 weeks after the application deadline. Those who are unsuccessful receive written feedback on why their application was rejected.


Applications for most CTA programs are accepted throughout the year. Check the list of programs for your application deadline.

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