Trade Commissioner Service - Colombia

Welcome to the office of the Trade Commissioner Service in Bogota. Our mandate is to advance Canadian interests in Colombia by promoting Canadian exports and supporting investment and innovation opportunities both in Canada and in Colombia.

Canada and Colombia enjoy a dynamic and increasingly diversified bilateral commercial relationship supported by the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, in force since 2011. This includes significant Canadian investment across various sectors and over 100 Canadian companies with a presence in Colombia. The total stock of Canadian direct investment in Colombia reached $3.69 billion in 2016 making Colombia the fourth largest investment destination for Canada in South and Central America.

In 2017, two-way merchandise trade totalled $1.73 billion, making Colombia our fifth-largest bilateral trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Mexico). Colombia was also Canada’s third largest export market in South America in 2017 with merchandise exports valued at $745.8 million. Top exports were cereals (wheat), vehicles, machinery, vegetables (pulses), paper, and fertilizers. Imports from Colombia reached $982.4 million in 2017 and included most notably mineral fuels and oils (coal and crude petroleum), coffee, spices, tea, live trees, plants (cut-flowers), fruits (bananas), and plastics. According to the latest figures available, bilateral services trade totalled $328 million in 2016, which included exports to Colombia valued at $222 million and imports that reached $106 million.

Export Development Canada (EDC), the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), and many provinces/territories are active partners of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) in Colombia where we work closely together to help Canadian companies pursue opportunities in the local market.

Leading Opportunity Sectors

We serve Canadian clients in all sectors. Based on our knowledge of the market, the following sectors offer the greatest opportunities for Canadian companies:

Agriculture, Food and Beverages | Agricultural Technology and Equipment | Clean Technologies | Defense and Security | Education | Information and Communications Technologies | Infrastructure, Building Products and Related Services | Mining | Oil and Gas