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IFI and UN information and resources 

General Reports 

International Financial Institutions Fact Sheets 

The following fact sheets give a high-level overview of the Banks’ procurement and financing activities, historical Canadian commercial engagement with each Bank, and offer guidance on IFI processes. Please click on the links below to access these fact sheets.

Partnering Guide A guide to creating and managing successful partnerships for IFI projects. 

Preparing an Expression of Interest (EOI) This guide summarizes the best practices for preparing an expression of interest (EOI) for an assignment financed by the international financial institutions. 

Specific Reports

Selling to United Nations Agencies: A guide for Canadian businesses

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) The MCC is an independent U.S. foreign aid agency delivering grants to countries that have a demonstrated commitment to promoting good governance and economic reform. To date, MCC has approved over US$14 billion in compact and threshold programs.


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