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International financial institutions, the United Nations, bilateral aid agencies, and procurement 

Each year, international financial institutions (IFIs), United Nations (UN) agencies and, bilateral aid agencies provide hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for a wide variety of development and humanitarian aid projects in countries around the world. They play a major role in the social and economic development of countries with emerging economies. This includes advising, funding, and assisting on development projects to: 

Canada is a member of the World Bank Group and several regional development banks. This gives Canadian businesses and individual’s access to the global IFI marketplace to compete for:

Get equipped with the knowledge, information and support your Canadian business needs to work effectively with the IFIs and the UN and be successful in winning procurement tenders. 

Steps to win procurement opportunities: 

  1. Get to know the IFIs and the UN
    Find information about the IFIs, the UN agencies as well as various other international agencies.
  2. Prepare for opportunities with the IFIs and the UN
    Learn how Canadian individuals and companies can pursue procurement opportunities with the IFIs and UN agencies.
  3. Get help from the Development Assistance Support Network
    Receive help from a broad network of development assistance and Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) networks. Together, we provide Canadian companies with intelligence and advice when pursuing IFI and UN-sponsored projects.
  4. Bid on procurement opportunities
    Find out how to bid on a procurement opportunity.
  5. IFI and UN information and resources
    Review fact sheets, watch videos, read business guides.
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