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Business Opportunities: Development and Humanitarian Aid Markets

Each year, development and humanitarian aid agencies provide hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for a wide variety of development and humanitarian aid projects in dozens of countries around the world. Such projects, which range across all sectors from agriculture to telecommunications, are aimed at alleviating poverty and supporting economic and social development in target regions. These projects also translate into a broad range of export opportunities for Canadian companies, either as prime contractors themselves or as suppliers of goods and services to prime contractors.

In the pages that follow, we'll examine the most important of the world's development and humanitarian agencies and explore how the vast sums these agencies disburse to recipient nations are used to procure every imaginable kind of goods, equipment, civil works and services. This website will help you understand how projects are developed and carried out, how development and humanitarian procurement works, where you can find detailed information about procurement and how you can identify business opportunities for your company.

These agencies fund two major types of procurement:


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