Available funding programs and trade promotion activities

You want to know about government funding and other support programs 

Accessing financial support for doing international business

What kind of funding and support programs are available to my business?

CanExport is our largest funding program to help you pursue new business opportunities abroad.

There are many other support programs available for specific audiences and sectors, such as: 

To view the full list, including application guidelines, visit the Trade Commissioner Service’s Funding and support programs for doing international business

I’m unsure which funding program is right for my company: can I get any advice?

Absolutely. We want to help you find out if you qualify for funding to help you grow your business internationally. 

Connect with your nearest TCS regional office to connect with a trade commissioner who will explain how best to complete your application.

As part of this process, you should also connect with our TCS network abroad to determine which markets and/or upcoming trade events offer the greatest potential. 

For more information on accessing financial support for doing international business, consult the following resources from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS):

You wish to join a trade mission or take part in sector events

Participating in trade missions or events 

How can I benefit from joining trade events involving the Trade Commissioner Service?

Companies that take part in trade shows or missions (in-person or virtually) involving the TCS can expect to receive good returns on their time and effort. Our trade commissioners regularly attend key sector events and sometimes organize an official presence with a Canada pavilion. Trade commissioners from other markets often attend as well, presenting you with an ideal opportunity to make in-person connections with our TCS network and explore market potential for your business in many countries.

It’s worth noting that ministerial-level Canadian government officials often plan international visits around a key sector event with a strong Canadian presence. In those instances, your company could benefit from increased exposure, local media interest, and additional networking opportunities.

To view upcoming trade missions and events, visit the Trade Commissioner Service’s Trade missions and events.  

I want to participate, but my business can’t afford the travel costs: what can I do?

Travelling abroad to attend a trade show or join a trade mission can be expensive. Fortunately, there are funding supports available that can help offset some of these costs, such as the CanExport Funding program.

When you apply for CanExport funding, you can improve your chances for approval if you structure your business plan around an upcoming trade event with involvement from the Trade Commissioner Service.

Conducting trade events virtually 

Given travel restrictions during a pandemic, how can I promote my business internationally from home?

The Trade Commissioner Service is known for adapting quickly to new market realities. As international business adapts to a virtual world, we continue to support Canadian companies at virtual trade events in Canada and abroad as well as through virtual trade missions to key international markets.

The CanExport Funding program has also been updated to include participation in virtual activities like trade events. 

For more information on participating in trade missions or events, consult the following resources from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS):

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‘Contact Us’ - If you are already doing business internationally, or if you are ready to start exporting, and would like to discuss your strategy for one or more target markets.

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