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The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) supports Canadian companies to pursue international research and development (R&D) collaboration with a foreign partner on projects that have the potential for commercialization.

CIIP can help you find R&D partnerships in:

Who can apply?

Canadian companies that are:

  • incorporated, for-profit small or medium-sized enterprise
  • seeking to develop new or improved products, services, or processes with a high potential for commercialization
  • ready to collaborate on a R&D project with a foreign partners

Why consider CIIP funding?

  • access to credible partners
  • find new markets through technology partnering
  • reduce market entry risks and the costs associated with technology adaptation, co-development and validation
  • opportunities to collaborate with partners in CIIP targeted countries

What activities do we fund?

Partnership Development Activities

Partnership Development Activities help identify potential partnership opportunities that can lead to R&D projects between Canadian companies and foreign partners.

Collaborative research and development projects

Support to help Canadian companies participate in R&D projects that are:

  • done in collaboration with foreign partners
  • have the potential for commercialization

Our partners

CIIP is a funding program offered to Canadian small or medium-sized enterprises by the Trade Commissioner Service. We deliver it in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program for Brazil, China, India, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan.

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