Contact the Trade Commissioner Service team - Guatemala City

Street Address:

13 Calle 8-44, Zona 10
Edyma Plaza, Nivel 8
Guatemala City, 01010
Tel: (011-502) 2363-4348
Fax: (011-502) 2365-1215

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs: 0800-1630 Fri: 0800-1330 (E.S.T.: -1)

Territories/Responsibilities: Guatemala, and Belize. The Canadian Embassy in Guatemala has overall responsibility for trade relations with Belize

Office Closure: 2003-01-02, 2023-02-20, 2023-04-06, 2023-04-07, 2023-05-22, 2023-07-03, 2023-08-15, 2023-09-15, 2023-10-09, 2023-11-01, 2023-12-25, 2023-12-26

Mrs. Christine Luttmann
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and processed foods, Chemicals, Education, Fish and seafood, Forestry and wood products, Information and communications technologies, Life sciences, Ocean technologies, Wine, beer and spirits

Mrs. Jennifer Chacon
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Clean technologies, Consumer products, Industrial machinery, Infrastructure, Transportation

Mrs. Anne-Marie Rabeya
Senior Trade Commissioner
Senior Trade Commissioner

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