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Cross-border e-commerce: resources for exporting to the United States of America

Chapter 6: Online merchandising - cross-border considerations

US e-commerce merchandising assortment

Merchandising is core to your cross-border strategy -- what you sell and how to sell your product line. Bringing your passion for your product to life, in an appealing way to your target customer, will always be a priority.  This chapter provides frameworks and considerations to determine the right product mix and other cross-border e-commerce considerations.

Site merchandising - optimizing "how" you sell

Once your marketing efforts have successfully driven traffic to your e-commerce site, "how" you want to sell your products are typically site merchandising details -- regardless of commerce channel. From product content (closely aligned with marketing for SEO purposes), to optimizing a product detail page layout and design for best conversion rate -- site merchandising planning and decisions are critical to drive key metrics such as conversion rate.

Chapter 6 checklist

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