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Cross-border e-commerce: resources for exporting to the United States of America

Chapter 7: Summary conclusions, master checklist, US technology partner directory

Global ecommerce leaders point somewhat proudly to the democratization of ecommerce as an inclusive, unifying force within the digital space; a global dynamic driving transformational change throughout the retail industry.  For centuries, merchants, shopkeepers and marketplace makers have provided the goods and services upon which economies have been grown and markets around the world have matured. Many, if not most, of these entrepreneurs have started small and worked hard to build their business and, in some cases, their fortunes.

US technology partner directory

Solution providers (by category) for Canadian online retailers seeking to grow us e-commerce sales. All companies are listed alphabetically.

Cross-border ecommerce platform solution providers

Provide a suite of cross-border ecommerce services and best-of-breed APIs enabling fraud prevention, payment and pricing, international shopping cart checkout, cross-border fulfillment and customer care, localization services, marketing, merchandising and more. 


Payment providers/fintech

Fulfillment, cross-border shipping, software and US delivery services

Customer care/ ecommerce call centers

Cross-border specialty solutions

Commerce platforms

Digital marketing/online advertising/customer experience

Social media and social commerce solutions

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