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World Trade Centre 1, 6th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 29-31
Jakarta, 12920
Tel: (011-62-21) 2550-7800
Fax: (011-62-21) 2550-7812

Office Hours: Mon - Thurs: 07:30 - 16:15; Fri: 07:30 - 13:00 (E.S.T.: +12)

Territories/Responsibilities: Indonesia, East Timor

Office Closure: 2023-01-02, 2023-02-20, 2023-04-07, 2023-04-24, 2023-05-22, 2023-06-29, 2023-08-17, 2023-09-04, 2023-10-09, 2023-11-13, 2023-12-25, 2023-12-26

Mr. Mark Strasser
Counsellor (Commercial)
Senior Trade Commissioner
Financial and insurance services

Mr. Rupert Cao
First Secretary
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Clean technologies, Defence and security, Education, Financial and insurance services, Information and communications technologies, Infrastructure

Ms. Jasmine Labelle
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and processed foods, Fish and seafood, Wine, beer and spirits

Mr. Francis Despatis
Second Secretary
Trade Commissioner
Mining, Oil and gas

Ms. Irnawati Irnawati
Trade Commissioner
Oil and gas

Ms. Paramita Nugraeni
Trade Commissioner
Consumer products, Information and communications technologies, Life sciences

Mr. Hermawx Hermawan
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and processed foods, Forestry and wood products

Ms. Dian Martosoebroto
Trade Commissioner
Clean technologies, Infrastructure, Ocean technologies

Ms. Julia Pangkey
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Defence and security, Education

Ms. Melani Ismail
Trade Commissioner
Clean technologies, Infrastructure, Mining, Transportation

Ms. Anindita Purbosari
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Ms. Nuraida Satyawan
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Ms. Monna Sandra
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Ms. Grace Napitupulu
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Arts and cultural industries, Tourism

Ms. Reinanda Manalu
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Ms. Steffani Sugiri
Trade Commissioner Assistant

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