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Collaborative opportunities

The Government of Canada has built formal science and technology relationships and partnerships with both established and emerging innovation networks around the world. International partnerships are an essential catalyst for science and technological innovation, as these collaborations often accelerate the pace of discovery and result in improved commercialization.

Canada has developed frameworks for international collaboration via science and technology agreements with a number of our international partners. These agreements serve as the guidelines for Canadians to effectively partner and work with the partner country to increase international science and technology capacity. In some cases financial support has been identified and dedicated for the enhancement of these international relationships. While Canada is not in a position to negotiate formal agreements or MOUs with all countries, we are responsive to strong proposals for high quality, market oriented collaborations.

Agreements are only one element of our relationship with international partners. Find information about our international bilateral relationships below and see how these relationships may benefit you.

Asia Pacific

The Canada-China Relationship

The Canada-India Relationship

The Canada-Japan Relationship

The Canada-Korea Relationship


The Canada-EU Relationship

The Canada-France Relationship

The Canada-Germany Relationship

The Canada-Italy Relationship

Canada-Netherlands Relationship

The Canada-Russia Relationship

The Canada-Sweden Relationship

Canada-Switzerland Relationship

The Canada-UK Relationship

Latin America and the Caribbean

The Canada-Brazil Relationship

The Canada-Chile Relationship

Middle East and North Africa

The Canada-Israel Relationship

United States

The Canada-United States Relationship

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