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Zahran Street
Amman, 11180
Tel: (011-962-6) 590-1500
Fax: (011-962-6) 590-1625
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Office Hours: Sun-Wed: 0800-1630; Thurs: 0800-1330 (E.S.T.: +7)

Territories/Responsibilities: Jordan, Iraq

Office Closure: 2019-01-01, 2019-02-17, 2019-04-21, 2019-04-28, 2019-06-05, 2019-06-06, 2019-08-11, 2019-08-12, 2019-10-13, 2019-12-25, 2019-12-26

Mr. Omar Abbasi
Trade Commissioner
Clean technologies, Defence and security, Financial and insurance services, Forestry and wood products, Information and communications technologies, Life sciences, Mining, Oil and gas

Mrs. Wafa Herzallah
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and processed foods, Consumer products, Education, Infrastructure, Transportation

Mr. Khader Sobyhat
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and processed foods, Automotive, Clean technologies, Consumer products, Education, Forestry and wood products, Industrial machinery, Information and communications technologies, Infrastructure, Oil and gas

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