Trade Commissioner Service - Korea, Republic

Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA)

As a part of Canada's international business development network, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Korea delivers quality services to its clients and advances Canadian commercial, economic and related policy interests. Whether you are looking to export, invest, attract investment, or develop innovation and R&D partnerships in Korea, our trade commissioners are available when and where you need them. We are ready to help your company achieve business success.

Korea is a major economic player and a key market for Canada. The Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement unlocks the unrealized potential in our commercial relationship and lay a solid foundation for the deepening of our already strong bilateral relationship. This Agreement is Canada’s first FTA in the Asia-Pacific region and represents a landmark achievement for both countries. It generates new trade and investment opportunities and fosters innovative partnerships. As a result, Canadian companies are able to take better advantage of Korea as a strategic base for expanding their presence in all of Asia and across its supply chains.


How the CKFTA Will Benefit Canada's Key Economic Sectors

With the CKFTA, millions of Canadians working in a wide-range of sectors will benefit from more trade and investment opportunities and duty-free access to South Korea. This includes Canadians working in the following sectors: industrial goods (such as aerospace, chemicals and plastics, information and communication technology, medical devices, metals and minerals, and textiles and apparels), agricultural and agri-food products, wine and spirits, fish and seafood, and forestry and value-added wood products.

Leading Opportunity Sectors

We serve Canadian clients in all sectors. Based on our knowledge of the market, the following sectors offer the greatest opportunities for Canadian companies:

Agriculture and processed food | Automotive | Consumer products | Defence and security | Education | Forestry and wood products | Information and communications technologies | Mining | Oil & Gas | Sustainable technologies