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Export quiz: Are you ready?

Want to start exporting today? Take this quiz, check your score and be sure that you are ready.

1. Is your management committed to sustaining your export effort?
2. Does your management have international business experience?
3. Have you undertaken any foreign market research?
4. Do you have the surplus production capacity or available specialists to meet increased demand for your product or service?
5. Do you have the financing required to adapt your product or service to suit your target market and to promote it?
6. Does your firm have a good track record of meeting deadlines?
7. Does your product or service have a distinct competitive advantage (quality, price, uniqueness, innovation) over your competition in your target market?
8. Have you adapted your packaging (labelling and/or promotional materials) for your target market?
9. Do you have the capacity and resources to provide after-sales support and service in your target market?
10. Is your promotional material available in the language of your target markets? (Business cards, brochures, websites)
11. Have you started marketing your product or service in your target market?
12. Have you engaged the services of a sales representative/distributor/agent, or partnered with a local firm?
13. Have you hired a freight forwarder or customs broker?
14. Have you done detailed research into the cost and obligations involved in getting your product to market?
15. Have you checked if you can sell or use the technology and trade name associated with your product in your target markets without infringing on existing intellectual property (IP) rights?

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