Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting

The Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting will help you get your business export-ready and well positioned for commercial success abroad.

Learn the essential principles of exporting whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced exporter.

The Guide will help you to:

List of steps


Accelerate your business growth. Learn how to navigate complex global markets.

Step 1: Assess your export potential

Examine the basics of exporting. Evaluate your readiness with fifteen questions.

Step 2: Link to global value chains

Connect to the world’s top suppliers. See how value chains link your business to the world.

Step 3: Develop your export plan

Planning starts at home before you export. Determine how to draft and maintain an evergreen plan.

Step 4: Identify your target market

Selecting a target market can make or break success. Become effective in targeting the right market.

Step 5: Develop your export marketing strategy

Not all markets are the same. Understand how to adapt your strategy to address cultural differences.

Step 6: Enter your target market

Develop your market-entry strategy. Learn how Free Trade Agreements benefit your planning.

Step 7: Deliver the goods

Getting goods to market can be challenging. Become efficient in managing export logistics.

Step 8: Identify your export financing requirements

Understand risks and protect from shortfalls. Discover financing opportunities to support export success.

Step 9 : Understand the legal side of international trade

Interpreting the rules of engagement can be complex. Master how to safeguard your goods and services.

Step 10: Sell online using e-commerce

Taking advantage of the internet is easy. Access new markets from the comfort of home.


Building your export toolkit. Add to your knowledge with checklists, resources, and commonly used trade terms.

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