Consumer products

Consumer products refer to a variety of manufactured goods used for personal, family, household or non-business purposes. Diverse products such as apparel, textiles, personal care and household products, furniture, consumer electronics, processed foods, toys and sporting equipment, are all included in this sector. The sector is a large and crucial component of the Canadian economy. In 2019, taken together and including processed food and beverages, the Canadian consumer product industries accounted for close to one-third of Canada's manufacturing GDP and 40 percent of employment.

The consumer goods industry may appear to be one of the most accessible verticals to understand given the ubiquitous presence in daily life, however, there is enormous disruption in the space with the growing shift to e-commerce. More consumers buy these everyday products online from manufacturers, established retail chains, and web-focused merchants, making ecommerce the fastest-grow distribution channel for this sector. Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) can help companies who are looking to start doing business online with customers abroad, or who are already selling internationally. Access pertinent information and resources for your business to better understand what it means to go digital and more specifically how to adopt e-commerce in the food and beverage industry.

Ready to do business internationally? Our trade commissioners around the world can support Canadian companies with market intelligence, identify new business opportunities, and find qualified contacts that will help them succeed in foreign markets.

Sector reports

Sector reports
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