Tourism is defined as the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure or business. It may also include visiting friends and relatives, religious purposes, or medical treatment. Tourism export are receipts earned from expenditures by international visitors to Canada on Canadian merchandise and services. Tourism export accounts for 20% of total tourism activities in Canada.

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Sector reports

Sector reports
No sector reports currently available.


Title Dates City Country
DEFY Conference 2024June 12-14, 2024MontrealCanada
Algiers International FairJune 24-29, 2024AlgiersAlgeria


Article title Publication date International region Sector
Austria opens the door to Southeast EuropeOctober 13, 2023EuropeTourism
The Amazing Business RaceThe final leg: Was it all worth it?October 11, 2023EuropeTourism
The Amazing Business Race:The final ocean crossing out of New YorkOctober 10, 2023Europe; North AmericaTourism
The Amazing Business Race: Can a small company in a niche market, go global?October 10, 2023Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; North AmericaArts and cultural industries; Tourism
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