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Development of next-generation technologies such as “xR”(Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) /Mixed Reality (MR) ), “5G” and “Non-Fungible Token (NFT)” immersive technologies are transforming  business models in the Creative/Entertainment Tech industries and in the communication, education, tourism, healthcare, and real-estate industries.

Statista Insights suggest 15% of the digital economy has already shifted to the metaverse and McKinsey estimates the potential economic value of the metaverse could generate up to US$5 trillion impact by 2030. This is equivalent to the size of the world’s third-largest economy today, Japan.

Deloitte recently reported that the metaverse could pump US$1.4 trillion a year into Asia’s GDP by 2035 and the economic potential impact for Japan is expected to be US$87-165 billion. This is based on the region’s demographic impact given that Asia is home to 60% of the world’s youth and that 1.3 billion mobile gamers in Asia make up the world’s largest player base.

As one of the world’s first gaming markets and currently the third largest after China and US, Japan has deep capabilities across the technology stack in metaverse-related technologies.

For example, Sony has both hardware and software capabilities with its PlayStation operating system and Sharp is the single biggest supplier of VR displays for Reality Labs’ Meta Quest 2.

Japanese companies welcomes working with partners to expand their strong heritage in digital craftsmanship and technical prowess and to influence other sectors beyond gaming and entertainment.

Do you want to be part of Japan’s next-Gen transformation in Creative/Entertainment Tech?

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Application deadlineProgram datesTime commitment
ClosedSeptember to November, 2023About 5-6 hours per week

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Upon acceptance, your business will benefit from:

Who should apply

We are seeking fast-growing, Canadian Creative/Entertainment Tech companies that lead in one of the following areas:

Companies must have strong interest/commitment to enter into the Japanese market and must have: 

The Trade Commissioner Service supports equity, diversity and inclusion in trade. We strongly encourage companies led by Canadians of all backgrounds to apply.

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How the program works

The CTA program will be delivered in hybrid format and in-person participation in the signature event is mandatory. This three-to-four-month program will offer tailored virtual support beginning in mid-September.

This CTA will bring together between 6-8 Canadian companies willing and able to participate in one-on-one meetings as well as group sessions.

The program will include:


The best program I have participated so far. The quality of support and companies were top-notch. The follow-through, so far, has been great and we just need more. (ePlay Digital/Creative Entertainment Tech CTA 2022)

The Canadian Tech Accelerator helped us understand the scope to expand into a new international market like Japan. The relationships built, the meetings had, and the support provided was valuable for our company. (Flipside/ Creative Entertainment Tech CTA 2022)

We had such a valuable experience being a part of the CTA program. It opened doors for us from a customer, partnership and investor perspective in Japan and truly accelerated our entry into the market. The program team was super supportive throughout and have been invaluable ambassadors for us. (Gravvity / Creative Entertainment Tech CTA 2022)

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Asami Karasuda
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