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CanExport Innovation

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on CanExport Innovation applicants and recipients

During this extraordinary time, we encourage you to make informed decisions in order to minimize risk and protect your health and the health of your employees.

  1. Consult our program-specific advice for information about how your application or approved activities may be impacted
  2. Refer to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for the latest information from the Government of Canada 

Canadian innovators who aim to commercialize technology can access up to $75,000 in funding to establish new R&D collaborations with foreign partners to co-develop, validate or adapt their technologies for commercialization.

What activities can be funded?

The following activities may be eligible for CanExport Innovation funding:


Travel to meet with a foreign partner abroad or in Canada to negotiate and/or formalize an R&D collaboration and/or contractual agreement.


Travel to meet with foreign investors for the purpose of gaining investment funds to support the R&D of the technology.


The development of legal documentation necessary to formalize a contractual agreement with the Foreign Partner for R&D collaboration.

Who can apply?

This program is for Innovators from:


Canadian small or medium-sized enterprises


Canadian academic institutions


Canadian non-government research centres

Eligible expenses include:

  • Travel costs including: Airfare, Per Diem, Accommodations and Local Transportation (Taxi-bus-car);
  • Meeting costs including: Printed materials, Audio/Visual Rental, Room Rental, and Translational Services.
  • Shipping costs;
  • Legal fees to support formalizing partnership agreements;
  • Eligible registration fees;
  • Visas;
  • And other eligible costs related to pursuing international collaboration.

To be eligible:

  • You must be an employee for the Canadian organization;
  • You must have a pre-identified Foreign Partner;
  • You must have decision-making authority for the IP;
  • The organization must own or co-own the intellectual property (IP);
  • The organization must be registered in Canada;
  • The organization must not be funded entirely by Canadian government organizations (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal or Crown corporations).
  • The organization must be one of the parties performing the R&D work resulting from the Contractual Agreement(s);
  • The R&D work must lead to the commercialization of a Canadian technology within 5 years.
  • You must demonstrate adequate managerial capabilities;
  • And, you must demonstrate clear benefit to the Canadian economy.

Apply now

There is no deadline to apply, but funding is limited. Apply as soon as possible to make sure you get access to the funding you need.

You must apply at least 8 weeks prior to your planned travel.

Program overview and FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Contact us

Please email the CanExport Innovation team if you have questions or would like to discuss your project idea.

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