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Street Address:

19th Floor, Emirates Towers
19th Floor, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 404 8444
Fax: +971 4 404 8556

Office Hours: Sun - Thur: 0800-1600 (E.S.T.: +8)

Territories/Responsibilities: Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Office Closure: 2022-01-03, 2022-04-18, 2022-05-02, 2022-05-03, 2022-07-08, 2022-07-11, 2022-08-01, 2022-09-05, 2022-09-30, 2022-10-10, 2022-12-01, 2022-12-02, 2022-12-26, 2022-12-27

Ms. Lindsay Margenau
Senior Trade Commissioner

Mr. Arun Basandani
Trade Commissioner
Information and communications technologies, Science and technology

Ms. Daniele Haddad
Trade Commissioner
Information and communications technologies, Life sciences, Science and technology

Mrs. Rania Hassan
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and processed foods, Fish and seafood, Wine, beer and spirits

Mr. Gabriel Jabbour
Trade Commissioner
Automotive, Clean technologies, Forestry and wood products, Infrastructure, Transportation

Ms. Alexia Jablonski
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Consumer products

Ms. Arwa Al-Amari
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Mr. Awais Chughtai
Trade Commissioner
Arts and cultural industries

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