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Beyond exports: investing abroad, international tenders, R&D partnerships

You are planning a corporate investment project abroad

Investing in a foreign country

How is Canadian investment abroad defined?

As commerce becomes more global, Canadian firms are increasingly investing and setting up operations abroad to stay competitive and grow their businesses.

Overseas Canadian investment includes:

Investments abroad in CDIA can result in significant benefits for the Canadian economy, including increased research and development and increased participation in global value chains.

What support can I expect from the Trade Commissioner Service?

If your company is planning an investment with the potential to advance your business expansion objectives and strengthen Canada’s competitiveness, you can expect to receive similar services to those provided to exporters. These include:

What financing supports are available for investing abroad?

There are multiple sources of financing for Canadian companies wishing to expand their activities abroad and undertake CDIA, including:

For more information on investing in a foreign country, consult the following resources from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS):

You want to bid on an international project or tender

Bidding on international projects

Where can I learn about potential international projects for my business?

If your company is looking to achieve growth through new export channels, the Global Bid Opportunity Finder (GBOF) tool from the Canadian Commercial Corporation may be right for you. The GBOF is a free web application designed to help Canadian businesses bid on opportunities around the world. GBOF sources bid opportunities from over 30 authenticated government e-tendering portals and consolidates over 5,000 new opportunities every day. 

Specific features of the GBOF tool: 

On rare occasions, you may have trouble obtaining tender documents in certain foreign markets. In such cases, the Trade Commissioner Service is there to assist you. 

Connect with a trade commissioner covering your sector in that market by using Find a trade commissioner.

For more information on bidding on international projects, consult the following resources from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS):

You are interested in pursuing R&D partnerships     

Finding international R&D projects

Why is joining innovation activities abroad important for my business?

Diversifying internationally by engaging in R&D and other science, technology and innovation (ST&I) activities abroad can help your business access leading-edge research and technologies to remain globally competitive. The Trade Commissioner Service can help you access international technology networks, partners and resources to enhance your ability to innovate, compete and secure new markets.

Canada’s market for advanced technologies is relatively small and will not always support the full-fledged commercialization of a service or product. Therefore, finding an international market or supplying companies in global value chains can be essential to your tech company’s long-term success. For more information about global value chains, see the Trade Commissioner Service’s Linking in to Global Value Chains: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Canada’s smaller domestic market also means you may need to go abroad to find the technology or intellectual property your business requires to develop new products and services.

If your company falls into R7D and other ST&I, you will likely have to internationalize. This can mean R&D collaboration with an overseas company, forming an international partnership or investing in a foreign business that complements your own. 

Partnerships can include R&D and the transfer of ST&I to the global market. Canada has formal science and technology agreements with several countries and regularly publishes calls for proposals for industry-led collaborative R&D projects under the Canadian International Innovation Program

How can I access innovation ecosystems in other markets?

The CanExport Innovation program can help Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovators grow their networks and identify R&D relationships.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program supports Canadian companies with an existing technology, product or service explore opportunities in foreign markets. CTAs are located in major global tech hubs to help small Canadian technology companies acquire investment, advice, partners and sales. 

Main sectors of focus for CTAs are:

To learn more about these programs, venture capital, and other innovation topics, contact your regional office of the Trade Commissioner Service.

For more information on finding international R&D projects, consult the following resources from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS):

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