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Humans of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)


Trade Commissioners are the heart and soul of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. We are on the ground in over 160 cities around the world. We are the Humans of the TCS. Get to know us a little better.

#HOTCS: Alexandre Côté, Dakar Alexandre Côté

West Africa is a fast-growing region with lots of potential for Canadian companies, but there is strong competition from European and Asian business. It is very...


#HOTCS: Line Poulin-Larivière, Ottawa Marcel Lebleu

As a Trade Commissioner covering Climate Finance, I learn about a new fund almost every week, it’s a fast paced environment, that’s for sure. I’m based in Ottawa...


#HOTCS: Martina Taxova, PragueMarcel Lebleu

One success story that I’m particularly fond of was when I helped secure two multi-million dollar contracts for a client in the defence sector. This success...


#HOTCS: Sanjay Purohit, LondonMarcel Lebleu

It comes down to persistence and making the right choices. I help our clients with UK market readiness, ensuring they are thoroughly qualified. Having worked...


#HOTCS: Marcel Lebleu, BogotaMarcel Lebleu

Being able to contribute to the success of businesses, and in turn to Canada’s prosperity, is what motivates me most about my job. I joined the Trade Commissioner...


#HOTCS: Sameena Qureshi, the HagueSameena Qureshi

The Dutch love Canadian seafood. We hear a lot about scallops, and if you go into a restaurant and you see lobster on the menu, it won’t just say lobster, it will...


#HOTCS: Ana Garasino, Buenos Aires Ana Garasino

As a trade commissioner in Buenos Aires, one area that I am responsible for is corporate social responsibility (CSR), otherwise known as responsible business...


#HOTCS: Marc-André Hawkes, Sydney Marc-André Hawkes

Having lived in eleven cities, in seven countries, on five continents (to date!), provides me and the team I lead with the acumen required to better match...


#HOTCS: John Winterbourne, Oslo John Winterbourne

An Alberta-based company started an R&D collaboration with a leading Arctic and harsh climate institute in late 2017. This Canadian company is...


#HOTCS: Ana Sudo, Sao Paulo Ana Sudo

It all started early January 2017 when PBSC Urban Solutions contacted our office in Sao Paulo. They were interested in bringing their bike sharing company...


#HOTCS: Cheryl Rogers, San Diego Cheryl Rogers

Before working for the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), I was a scientist studying molecular neurobiology, and the director of neuroscience and...


#HOTCS: Regis Batista, Santo Domingo Regis Batista

After completing my MBA in Canada and returning to the Dominican Republic, I had the idea of bringing in a well-known Canadian grocery and household products...


#HOTCS: Amanda McNaughton, Calgary Amanda McNaughton

I can be pretty proud about saying that I was able to sell snowshoes to Florida. I don’t know how you can get more Canadian than that. We had an opportunity...


#HOTCS: Eric Dibeu, YaoundéEric Dibeu, Yaoundé

There was a very small SME from Ottawa that came here to Cameroon as part of a trade mission organized by Export Québec (they also have offices in...


#HOTCS: Caroline Bolduc, The HagueCaroline Bolduc, The Hague

One of the things companies aren’t always aware of is how much the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has increased their access to...



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