CTA success stories

Want to know how the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) program can help your business grow internationally? Explore stories from Canadian businesses who have benefited from our CTAs. See how the program fast-tracked their access to mentorship, knowledge, funding and networking opportunities in new markets.

CTAs help unlock the global business potential of Canadian startups

Since its inception, the CTA program has helped Canadian technology startups to create jobs, raise capital and generate more than $278 million in new revenues. Find out how joining a CTA can take your company to the next level.

Medical technology firm's software solutions find global success

The CTAs in Boston and Philadelphia helped Ottawa health tech firm Cliniconex plan for a successful U.S. market entry. Learn how the company tapped into market intel and mentorship to fuel its international growth.

How one Canadian startup is using AI to make life better for people with chronic conditions

Boston is a great testing ground for Canadian digital health startups looking to expand into the U.S. Find out how the CTA in Boston helped Bio Conscious build its business and navigate the New England market, helping people living with chronic conditions to better manage their health.

From idea to innovation to real world impact: a medical technology's journey to market

Since taking part in the CTA in Boston, Montreal’s Emovi launched its innovative joint assessment technology in the U.S. and signed more than 100 clients. The experience gave them the knowledge      and relationships needed to position the company for success south of the border.

Edmonton‑based synthetic intelligence company goes global thanks to CTA experience

Alberta’s RUNWITHIT Synthetics knows the value of Canadian Technology Accelerators. A veteran of CTAs in Mexico, Singapore and Germany, the company has made connections, learned how to tailor their artificial intelligence offering to different markets, and received valuable in-person support from the TCS. Discover their story.

Cybersecurity firm cashes in on U.S. financial market with help from Canadian Technology Accelerator in New York

As one of the largest financial sectors in the world, New York City offers big challenges for startups targeting the market. Find out how the CTA helped Fredericton, New Brunswick’s Beauceron Security connect with key partners in the U.S. financial market and build its customer base for future growth.

Stratospheric balloon space company pursues global opportunities thanks to CTA

Lux Aerobot’s experiences at CTAs in Singapore and San Francisco gave the company the mentorship and networking opportunities it needed to take flight in global markets. Learn about the company’s growth and expansion plans for the U.S. and Asia‑Pacific markets after two successful CTAs.

Technology Accelerators go virtual to benefit more Canadian entrepreneurs

The Canadian Technology Accelerators program is now available online. Find out how this ambitious initiative has transformed the way the Trade Commissioner Service helps Canadian clean technology, life sciences and digital industry startups scale and grow their businesses internationally.

Health‑care technology company realizes big dreams through accelerator program

The CTA in Boston helped Pomelo Health achieve its goals, including a massive round of funding, a major rebranding and a head‑start in the U.S. market. Discover why the Montreal company’s founders say it’s now on the way to becoming a billion‑dollar global company.

Opening doors for intelligent vision company yields new customers in Taiwan

Find out how the first all-virtual CTA in Taipei, Taiwan opened doors for AltumView Systems. The program helped the British Columbia company find global customers for its smart visual monitoring system in the senior care and transportation sectors.

Head start provides software company with fast‑track into Japan's market

Japan’s complex business culture can be daunting for startups looking to expand into new markets. But with the help of the CTA in Tokyo, Canadian software company Dataperformers is finding a market with some of Japan’s largest automobile and electronics manufacturers. Read their story.

Carbontech holds promise as a breakout sector for Canada

Technology that turns waste carbon into valuable products and services holds significant promise for Canadian cleantech and energy companies. Learn how the CTA in New York is helping to address drive growth in the carbontech sector by supporting Canada’s innovators in this emerging industry.    

Accelerators get ready for business in Asia

Meet the trade commissioners who are working to set up and manage the four new Canadian Technology Accelerators in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei. Find out why these markets are ripe for Canadian technology companies looking to partner and sell their products and services in Asia.

Company finds progressive global markets for its industrial analytics technology

Canvass Analytics helps industries use artificial intelligence to automate their processes and improve efficiencies. See how the CTA program is helping this Toronto-based company move into the international marketplace, with a strategy to target customers that are progressive and ready to adapt.    

Technology accelerator puts the pedal to the metal

We’re almost doubling the size of the CTA program by expanding to four new locations in Asia and enhancing our offerings. Find out how our new approach to technology accelerators will help even more Canadian entrepreneurs thrive in global markets.

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